"All in my Mind"

by Cameron Jay

Bronx Hip-Hop Artist Cameron Jay Releases Brand New Single “All In My Mind”

 A Single For The Ladies From His Upcoming Mixtape Trilogy M.S.D.L 3

The Bronx hip-hop artist Cameron Jay releases a brand new single for the ladies called “All In My Mind”. This new single is off of his upcoming final mixtape trilogy entitled “Money, Sex, Drugs & Liquor 3”. It was produced by hit-maker M80onDaBeatz and filled with a catchy R&B hook by singer Oju. The concept behind the song is when a man walks into a place and he sees the baddest woman he has ever seen. Now she is stuck in his head and he imagines all the things he would do to her.


This is not the first time Cameron Jay, M80onDaBeatz and Oju collaborated on a song. In 2014, they released a song called “All That You Need” off of “Money, Sex. Drugs & Liquor 2”, which received a great response. They expect the same for this new single that is dedicated to the ladies.


Cameron Jay shares the story on how the new single “All In My Mind” came together:


“One night I was in the studio with M80ondabeatz and Oju while they were playing records they had just did. Then, they played this beat with the hook on it and I told them I had to get on it. I wrote my verse and recorded it that night. I came back to the studio a couple of days later and was asked if I wanted the record so I got right to it and here it is ‘All in my mind’.”