Fancy - CT Anthem

by Fancy

Verse 1

What they thinkin when they seein shorty slide thru , ha choo. Spew a little flame like a bic do. Hear these niggas talkin bout my town like a chick do. CT where it's at think its funny come and walk through. Got the hoods lookin like a park do, all prettied up but but hidden from you is a jungle rumble. Heard these niggas stiff carpetunnel, bundles stacked up on the ave in the tunnel. Fumble. That's what bitches do when they view me, tru'is all up on my ass like a groupie. All these niggas zellin like they livin in a movie. Actin like they packing , but they drier than a doobie wrap up , act up . Get that ass packed up . Now he Layin straight no relaxer.  Home of the clappers. I don't really think I have ta , lay it on the table like a platter . Learn it when it splatter. I got love for everybody even if you hate me imma put ct on the map like a GP. And hold my homies down like a seesee saw saw that niggas would act funny when they see that ya flow raw. I heard it through the vine that CT the burbs , how it's the burbs but  niggas sleepin on curbs, all night on the curbs just to move all that work , so they babies get some nice leather shoes for the church. And just to make I worse , they say the city works, but the jobs is really scare, and the healthcare ain't impor. Tant but we went , on our way to. The end cop a bottle cause its 10. banks the liquor never end.  Now imma tell a friend to tell that if lqq niggas talk about my city muhfuckaa goin in. And I ain't sayin no names, just no it ain't no game. I love my fuckin city never forget from  I came from 

Verse 2

I ain't stressin nobody out there. I'm worried bout my homies and my relatives that's not here. Plucks always told me that the street life is not fair, at one point I ain't know if my brother was gon be here. But it's straight we movin, still walkin down these streets. Be in the port cause that's where money at ya feet. Ct just tryna eat, like everybody else. Movin wit some can nobles Everyman for themself. And imma share the wealth, yea  I can promise that. Ct's frank Lucas giving turkeys out the back. Back of the jeep, givin kiddies some sneaks, throwin big blocks parties out at Carwin or the beach. My momma knew I'd make it since we lived on perry street. Had my first fuckin fight At the park in CTE. Full of memories. Just wanna give em back. To all the youngins growin up at the centers eatin snacks. My grandma on the ave 37 years straight, imma always have love for the niggas Fck the hate. And Leyla gettin big wit kiara and khalif, gotta get this money quick So they will never miss a beat. And ima show em that its more to us then they see, fuck a Jerry springer steve they ain't doin shit for me. imma bring it back to how the city used to be. Imma rep my home until they give my eulogy. Capeesh? I'm burn slow like back woods, my team good , all we need is Quan to come home and it's all hood . Shouts to all the rappers who make noise like kids toys . And my ladies dressed for the tabloids. Wit dope boys. Shouts queen v makin moves got my hair right. Shouts to all the businesses that's helpin the town fight. Shouts to all the teachers at the schools they ain't payed right. And Rip to all the homies that ain't make it to daylight. Shout outs to the niggas in the square they ain't real right but fancy still love you and Kno dat my deal right. And like the wright brothers imma scoop u and take flight. And put the whole state on my back , like a brake light. 


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