Cassidy vs Dizaster battle

I didn't care to watch the beginning battles because unlike some great fights these undercards were weak until the Arsonal Vs Thesaurus battle.

Arsonal vs Thesaurus -  Arsonal won all three rounds but for some reason they kinda called it a split. 

Bigg K vs Conceited - This was a way better battle. Every round has been close. I can't call it. Conceited completely blew the third round though. 

Serius jones vs Dayly - This should be interesting. Daylyt is a clown man. He's actually rapping this first round though. Dope first round for Day. Jones first round was aight. I'll give the first round to day though. Day killed the second round too. Damn. Jones got some serious jokes this round lol. Last round. Most daylyt punch lines this round have been predictable. Why day got this little nobody finish his battle? Wtf? Jones won this battle. Dead ass daylyt had this hands down but he had to go to the antics for no reason. 


Main battle Dizaster vs Cassidy. It's taking mad long to get everyone off the stage. They only want the host. Cassidy and Dizaster on the stage and it's not working out. Fire Marshall talking about shutting down the battle. Cassidy first round was trash. Forgot his lyrics and all that. Cass got booed and well deserved. Dizaster killed Cass first round. This is so far the wackest battle I've ever seen. Basically battle was shut down before the second round even started. Trash.