Did Floyd really Win?

Boy Boy Boy, what a fight. Definitely worth the money, Floyd surely knows how to keep his customers happy. Everybody knows that as the Champ you need to be beaten in a  convincing manner to lose your belt which Floyd was NOT last night but what Maidana DID do was put up a valiant effort and in MY personal scorecard the fight was a draw at least. One judge saw it my way the other two I have no idea what fight they were watching but maybe they had on those TMT and TBE hats on for all we know. This fight deserves a rematch and the real loser here is Amir Khan who was hoping to fight Floyd next but he didn't impress me last night either. Extremely dirty and not powerful or as fast as he once was. Maidana presents Floyd with a lot of issues as well as these newcomers that are lingering in the back drop awaiting their turn at the Champ.                                                                                                   - Jay Gutta