Measurements 34-28-37
Whitney Bonilla is a 27 year old Hispanic dime piece that was born and raised in the Bronx. Growing up was really difficult because for her because she was considered the ugly duckling. But now she is living the life she can only dream about. Being able to show the world a different side of herself besides being a shy girl from the Bronx. Everyone always ask her why does she do it. Her hobbies are simple,  loves to sing and write. Whitney uses writing as therapy and loves to sing and dance. Why does she model? It's also very simple. Simply wants to provide for her family. Never worry about eviction notices, or being behind on bills or living check to check, she also wants to be able to make her mom proud. She is the one person who's opinion matters the most. She wants to be able to make sure her little brother grows up never to stress about financial struggles like she did.